Electrified Fencing
All electrical installations will be done in accordance with the specifications of the local authority.
All wires used will be 1.2mm stainless steel so as to eliminate the possibility of corrosion. The stainless steel wires will be threaded through water resistant isolators and each isolator will be fixed to the 60 x 60 Posts with 2 No. 4.8mm aluminium pop rivets.
Heavy duty stainless steel tension springs will be provided every 30m to enable the correct strain and to compensate for the variable ambient temperatures.
Lead bobbins will be used where joining of wires is required. This method not only ensures a neat connection but also provides a corrosion free bond between joint wires.
All clients have the option between a 5 and 8 Joule Energizer. We will gladly assist you in making the correct choice for your needs.

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